TatJacket Premium Concealer with Chamomile Extract
TatJacket Premium Concealer with Chamomile ExtractTatJacket Premium Concealer with Chamomile Extract

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TatJacket Premium Concealer with Chamomile Extract - Closeout

Light SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2050-000 | Mfg: TC580
Light Tan SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2051-000 | Mfg: TC581
Light Bronze SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2052-000 | Mfg: TC582
Dark Tan SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2053-000 | Mfg: TC583
Medium Bronze SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2054-000 | Mfg: TC584
Dark Bronze SOLD OUT Closeout $11.50
Retail $19.95
No: 82-2055-000 | Mfg: TC585
Made in USA

TatJacket Premium Concealer is what you have been looking for in a good tattoo concealer makeup. They have taken some of the best features of the other products out there and created the perfect Tattoo cover-up product. This concealer is smooth and very concentrated. The 15ML jar is a clean and more sanitary way to deliver this creamy and bendable liquid makeup. Easily apply with a makeup brush, sponge or your finger.

TatJacket Premium Concealer does not require a setting powder or spray. Conceals tattoos, dark spots, Acne, Rosacia, blemishes, veins, and scars.

TatJacket Premium Concealer Features and Benifits:

• For all skin types
• Covers all tattoo types and colors
• 1-step process for faster results
• Retains elasticity (won't crack or flake)
• Resists rub-off
• Water resistant
• Cleans up with soap and water (no special removers required)
• Made in America with top quality ingredients

Attention: Not sure which color best suits your skin tone? Try TatJackets "Blender Packs". These are smaller sized jars in sample collections of 3 tones each.