BlackHawk CQD Weapons Catch
BlackHawk CQD Weapons CatchBlackHawk CQD Weapons Catch

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BlackHawk CQD Weapons Catch

Mark IOur Price $31.50
Retail $37.95 | You Save 17%
No: 26-3063 | Mfg: 71CQD1BK
Mark IIOur Price $37.31
Retail $44.95 | You Save 17%
No: 26-3064 | Mfg: 71CQD2BK

The BlackHawk CQD Weapon Catch was created specifically for police and military special operations units which provides weapon security and retention while providing immediate access. Both the Mark I and II versions carry rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, tear gas launchers, non-lethal weapons, manual entry tools, and other special-use weapons.

The BlackHawk CQD® Weapon Catch is used in two basic methods:

• (I) Quick catch - used for moderate physical activity or the necessity of a quick response.
• (II) Retention catch - used for intense physical activity or when total retention is necessary.

BlackHawk CQD Weapon Catch Features:

• Adjustable retaining strap for multiple weapon types
• The Mark II™ also includes a polymer hook for fast clip action and silent operation
• Ambidextrous and compact (one size fits all)
• Compatible with existing equipment systems
• Color: Black

Note: The Mark II includes a silent polymer hook for fast clip action and silent operation. Mark I does not.